BidSwitch Customer Documentation


Some sections require login as they are for BidSwitch customers only. These are accessed using IPONWEB LDAP credentials and are denoted with lock symbol. All publicly available sections are also available on the BidSwitch Protocols site.

BidSwitch provides real-time bid/offer access for supply and demand partners across all online media advertising types (display, mobile, video, native, dooh etc) and allows advertising platforms to engage with new Buyers and Suppliers, enter new geographical regions, and utilise new media types by providing a unifying integration layer for parties using many different technologies to run their businesses.

BidSwitch is a technology developed at IPONWEB to simplify the integration of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) with Sell Side Platforms (SSPs). The key idea behind the service is to enable quick and cheap integration for Buyers with Suppliers without many rounds of specification refinements and development between them.

BidSwitch acts as this intermediary between Buyers and Suppliers by developing custom protocols based on the OpenRTB 2.x standards. This lets all parties integrated with the BidSwitch platform conduct business with each other through a single point of integration. The BidSwitch Protocol section defines the protocol for interaction between DSPs and BidSwitch.